About Me


Digital Marketing. Riding and Racing Bikes.

rowing up without a father figure in my life, I've had to learn many things on my own. Some the hard way, some came easier. In the end, I learned you control your destiny and your life. Never let someone control yours. 

At age 11, I was introduced to BMX racing. The (now Olympic) sport has helped me learn many lessons in life, and I'm forever grateful. From patience and sportsmanship to setting goals and working hard to achieve them. I've also learned that while things may seem to come easier for others, you may not be seeing all of the effort they put in behind closed doors. 

In 2010, my employer offered me an opportunity to complete a life-long goal of earning an MBA while working full time. I seized the chance and spent two amazing, difficult, frustrating, and enlightening years with 45 international members of the MBA cohort. I consider many of them good friends, and life-long friendships. 

For as long as I can remember, I've had a passion for marketing. Today, that passion is centered around digital marketing and demand generation for global companies. love what I do and love seeing the positive impact on those I work with.