Santos Trails - An Epic Trail System


I've had the privilege of riding at the Santos MTB Trails (just south of Ocala, FL) since 1997. The grew at the IMBA Chapter, OMBA (Ocala Mountain Bike Association) have been working closely with the land manager to provide hikers, bikers and equestrian enthusiasts with a great place to enjoy the outdoors. IMBA honored Santos with its first-ever "Epic" trail designation.

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The Santos Trails are in and around two retired limestone quarries, with a great mix of easy and moderate flowing singletrack, new pump tracks, and more recently a newly-expanded freeride and expert-level trails. Expert trails include technical, rocky singletrack with wood stunts, rocks and rapid elevation changes. They also include varying difficulty drops and dirt jumps. The OMBA group clearly puts an emphasis on progressive trail options, so riders can learn and improve their skills to try something more challenging.

All I can say is: go. You will not be disappointed. There's enough great trails for a full weekend of riding. 

Yetis in the Summer

Working the corner at Quehl Holler Blankets Creek

Working the corner at Quehl Holler Blankets Creek

With summer in full swing, I hit the trails with good friends to give the Yetis a good workout.

Sideways at Big Creek

Sideways at Big Creek

My go-to ride for the last two years is the Yeti DJ. Sure, it's a few years old at this point and even has a few scrapes here and there. But that bike simply performs. It's predictable, stiff out of the saddle, manuals for days, and just plain rad. The Profile Elite hubs are loud in a good way. It's like a pack of bees chasing you, and I'd even say make me go faster.

With flow trails like Quehl Holler at Blankets Creek, there's always a good time to be had. The trail is right in the middle of the many XC trails, so there's usually an audience watching those willing to take the Holler on at full tilt. It's a great place to meet new people from all over, as Blankets Creek is among the top trail systems in the country. We're grateful to have such spectacular trails just 45 minutes outside of Atlanta.